Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Royal Ascot

It seems to be a part of my nature that I pick up something I love and totally fixate on it. Well my fixation of the moment is silk scarfs, earlier known as men's ascots (I couldn't resist). Quite a while ago I blogged about head scarves, but now I'm leaning towards the more traditional uses for the Très chic Parisian accessory. My cousin always wears her silk scarves tightly knotted around her neck and it always makes her look so cute. I also am obsessed with taking my scarves and tying them aroung my hand bag handles (although it's a little depressing when I realize it's not an Hermes scarf on my Birkin, but I digress). I'm also drawn towards tying them through my belt buckles like a belt and around a messy bun. Or you could always wear them like my Grandmommy and tie them around your head to block off the wind... Anyway, here's a look at some of my favorite ways to wear them.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Comeback Kid

With the news of Harper Lee releasing a new book soon, it made me think that if she could publish something after 55 years, then I could start blogging after a five month hiatus. I know I'm no crafter of words like Mrs. Lee, but what the heck. Life's been pretty eventful these last couple of months, but now that I'm back to sailing on calm waters I figured this is as good a time as any to get back to work. I have a lot of fun posts in the making and can't wait to show them to you (hello, is anyone out there?). Here is a look at some of my favorite things, right here, right now.

There's nothing finer than a crisp button-down under a top, whether it be a sweater of a killer fur coat.

These pictures are the cutest and they always make me laugh.

Watch this precious video of Grace Kelly that shows how genuine and beautiful she was inside and out (plus the animations are so cute)

My good friend Maddie is making her blogging debut! Go check her out at
1 // 2 & 3 from Pinterest

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Going for Gingham

Needless to say, I have been rather occupied with Fashion Week lately (Mrs. Smith if you are reading this, please take this into account when reading my essay). I have been stalking all forms of social media and my trusted, which in my opinion, is the holy grail of all fashion resources. The majority of the shows I have seen are major. There are only a couple I haven't been a fan of, but most of them are insanely beautiful and well put together. Well one of my favorite trends that I have noticed so far (because it is EVERYWHERE) is gingham. And not the tacky red gingham synonymous with diners, but beautiful adaptations of the print due to the lady-like colors and Briggite Bardot style. Here are some of the top designers sending the trend down the runway.

Diane von Furstenberg (those shoes!)

Oscar de la Renta

image 1 via pinterest // 2-4 via

Monday, September 1, 2014

White Year Round

In ode of today's holiday, I thought that I would look at one of my favorite fashion faux pas: no white after Labor Day. I'm not one to follow fashion rules, and frankly I think this one is rather juvenile. I understand and appreciate where the "rule" comes from, but will still continue in wearing the classic color. Here are a couple of my favorite looks. Even though this is an older trend, I like to freshen it up by mixing shades of white and playing with proportions. My go to look for the trend is a sheer midi shirt and a plain white t shirt.

1,2,4 via pinterest // 3 via WhoWhatWear

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pattern Play

Since I am the poster child for a flute body shape, I always have to fake a figure. My go to is high waisted pants, which are so comfortable and, I think, cute. This particular pair is one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of the polka dots that can be turned into something not so simple when paired with the right thing. In this outfit, I used the polka dots as a neutral when paired with a floral shirt.

 shirt from Marshall's // Vintage pants // Vintage shoes // Family locket

Monday, August 25, 2014


30 years ago today, the mind behind Holly Golightly, my little Dill, Truman Capote died. I tried to pay homage to the master mind behind the "Iconic and Bitchy" Black and White Ball. Like I always say, I was born in the wrong time period. I would have been totally fine with rubbing shoulders with the Ladies Who Lunch and Mia Farrow. So easily enough, that explains the choice of outfit for today, but I had to spice it up a little bit, like always.

Shirt: Topshop // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Old Navy

Friday, August 22, 2014

Gold Matter

I don't know about you, but I am drawn to anything that's shiny just like a little kid. It's almost like candy to me. Well when I saw these gold kicks on pinterest I knew I had to have them. I searched on shopstyle and ebay, where I finally found them for more than 50 percent off, which I'll never turn down. And for the socks, you probably know how I love them, due to the two other posts I did. For the rest of my outfit, I wanted to go simple and bring the focus to the shoes. These vintage jeans I got from Goodwill are ridiculously long, so that explains the uber long cuffs, but I sort of like them. Well now I'm off because it's an Audrey Hepburn marathon on Turner Classic Movies and I already missed more than half of it due to school... 

p.s. I'm going to try and upload a picture of my outfit every school day, which hopefully, will push me to dress cute all the time.
vintage jeans // Michael Kors shirt // Sam Edelman shoes // socks from Elementality