Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm Feeling: Head Scarves

When I was growing up, I stayed with my Grandmommy and Papa. My Grandmommy would take me take me on a walk with her everyday, and she would follow the same routine every morning before we set out for our little adventure. She would wrap her head in a scarf. That's where I first developed my love for the square pieces of silk. Then my cousin, whom I love and look up to, would always talk about going thrift shopping and finding neat little vintage head scarves. I have inherited this love from two of the women in my life that I look up to. Usually I wear them when I am cleaning my house (ala-I Love Lucy and not too often). I have been finding more inspiration from pics on the web, mainly from my trusted Pinterest, and have tried to find more ways, other than the typical knotted head band style. Here are a couple of my favorite looks.



1 via pinterest // 2 via crushculdesac.tumblr // 3 via refinery29 // 4 via cocokelly.com // 5 via modaoperandi.com // 6 via cocokelly.com

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