Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Think Pink

It's no secret that pink is my favorite color. This feminine hue has been in my life since I was born (obviously, baby girl and all) and I plan to keep it that way. I blame the real obsession to Mrs. Kay Thompson. Some of you may know her as Maggie Prescott from Funny Face, one of my favorite fashion/Audrey/general movies of ALL time. For Heaven's sake the name of this post came from the opening number of this fun film; pink for the Quality woman. Others may know her as the writer of Eloise. Yes, Eloise at the Plaza. This quirky, troublesome little girl with the knack of the color apparently rubbed off on me. And it seems to have rubbed off of fashion designers from all of the fashion capitals. Celine, Valentino, and Dior are just a few of the designers who donned the color on the runway, but it's my favorite on the street. I love the way the color can be taken in a feminine way or in a masculine way as well by the shape or texture of the garment. Here are some of my favorite looks and inspirations.

1,2 via vogue // 3,4 via pinterest // 5 via The New York Times Style Magazine // 6 via harpersbazaar.com // 7 via pinterest // 8 via pinterest // 9 via manrepeller // 10 via pinterest // 11 via designlovefest // 12 via pinterest // 13 via pinterest

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