Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm Feeling: Evening Coats

Something I have been drawn to since I was a little girl, is a nice, crisp evening coat. Probably spawning back to the days where my moma forced me to watch "I Love Lucy" with her (which I have grown to appreciate), I've developed a love for 50s fashion. Not the cheesy, cliche polka dots swing skirt with a red lip, but the elegance of waking up in the morning, putting on a fresh dress and face to do housework and cook breakfast for your husband. Well it seems the decline of huswifery was partnered with the decline of opulence and putting your best foot forward. I am truth to this example; I am sitting on the couch in sweatpants and yesterday's make up at 4 in the afternoon. My point being, I miss the age where women took pride in their dress and were excited to dress up and vacuum the carpet. Okay, enough of my little rant, but growing from my love of said show, is the love of Lucy's clothing, as I mentioned above. One of my favorite outfits from the show (in the episode where she meets Bill Holden and catches her "nose" on fire) was her polka dot evening coat (please excuse the... barbie..). She dawned this little beauty over a simple shirt and slacks, which is my favorite way to style this article of clothing, contrary to the name. Evening coats are, to me, floor length coats that are open to show your dress or outfit. Here are a look at some of my favorite styles, most of which have been styled down for a more casual look.
Audrey in a YSL coat

Carolina Herrera in a gorgeous velvet option



Miranda Kerr in a Chanel cardigan that serves the same purpose

1 via vogue // 2 via pinterest // 3 via stylebistro // 4 via chanel // 5 via // 6 via WhoWhatWear

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