Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jump(suit) Around

*Caution: Photography may damage the eyes or even cause the reader to go blind. Please look upon said photos with a leniency because the person in the pictures was home alone and really wanted to do an ootd, therefore took blog pics on a Timer App. Most sincere apologies and hopes that you kept your lunch down.*

Isn't the point of a blog to have cute, interesting pictures? Well these, to say the least, are interesting... but not in a good way. At least the jumpsuit is cute? Anywho, I am absolutely in love with this dreamy little number and it makes me think of happier days in far away lands where school doesn't exist, merely attractive British men, Gucci/pink Fiats, and Black and Tan Coonhounds. Oh and Audrey would be everywhere, naturally. It has everything I tend to look for in an outfit: comfort (I could literally sleep in it, which sounds quite appealing so I actually might), print (love the blocky aspect towards the ankles), and it is functional. Just because it is "one-piece" doesn't mean I can't wear it other ways. I have been thinking of wearing a cute orange tank over it or a striped shirt underneath, or maybe even another printed jacket or sweatshirt to go on top. I think that the rather dark tones make it a transition piece that could easily be worn in the fall/winter as in the summer because of the flowy shape and floral print (Side note/speaking of fall: Fashion Week starts September 4th and I couldn't be more excited!!!!). Take a look at my other (tragic) pictures of my (not so tragic) outfit.

Jumpsuit: Marshall's // Jacket: Forever 21 // Shoes: Old Navy // Polish: "Fifth Avenue"

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