Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wish List: Part Four

Well it's already Wish List #4, and probably won't be too long until it's 104... As you may be able to tell, I have crazy amounts of things on my wish lists (with prices wayyyy out of my range) but it can't hurt to set goals, right? Well that's what I'm telling myself this is, Goal List: Part Four. Please just go along with it. Okay, I realize I need serious help.

Oh how gorgeous is she. I've wanted the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel for I don't know how long, but since it's been tumblrized (when something goes out of style because girls on tumblr blow it up and have tacky, overdone street style pics with girls with top knots and cliche louboutins... a pet peeve of mine if you couldn't tell) so this is my new love. A bucket bag with the iconic Alexander Wang hardware on the bottom.

Love these "shooties." Shoes that look like boots or vice versa. They are so fun, metallic, and snakeskin embossed. What else would you want.

I love vintage tees, but vintage looking tees are just the same. I probably would wear it just like the model, with a button down wrapped around my waist.
Bonjour Tee, 48.00

It's pretty much known to everyone on the planet that I am a New York/London girl. This would be so comfortable and effortless, while showing off my (imaginary) roots. Plus it reminds me of a big Appalachian State sweatshirt that belonged to my moma in college that I wear constantly.

It is my dream to be able to encapsulate my spirit animal, Audrey. I mean I dedicate my blog to her, my life, my everything, so why can't I at least try to dress like her. Now I am totally against people trying to be her, that is a huge no-no in my mind (and if I see somebody trying to do it I will whip them, like girls who try to dress up as Holly Golightly for halloween.. no, go away) but classic black trousers, black shirt, and balet flats isn't too hard, right? I would add my own little flair of bright white socks, just for some contrast.
Curator Pant, 128.00

You can never have too many boyfriend jeans, and since I only have one pair (and they have the massive American Eagle stitching on the butt) I figured it's time that I invest in a quality pair. I love the cut and wash of these, and feel as if they have the perfect amount of distress.

Since the bucket bag above is 800+ dollars, I found this cute little Marc one that is small enough that it is precious, but looks as if it would be useful and carry all of my junk.

I'm obsessed with sandals that tie around the ankle, and these are in the most precious baby pink but then edgified with the snake skin.
Pink Sandals, 217.75

Samuji is this awesome, semi-new/up and coming brand that I love. It has gotten attention from fashion celebs like Leandra Medine, and since I agree with her on everything, I think that this brand is awesome.

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