Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trend to *Master*: Cat Eyes

A cat with human eyes to suffice all stereotypes
Instead of the normal Trend to Try installment, I wanted to focus on something that I am a huge fan of. I have multiple pairs of cat eyes, ranging from Kate Spade to Target, but needless to say, they are my favorite shape of sunnies. As you all know, I have a rather larger face *insert picture here*, and not to mention, high, bushy eye brows that make it hard to find any glasses that cover my brows and balance out my macho face. The best kind that I have found are these little feline look alikes. My friends and family always always always say something about my gigantor glasses and make smart remarks, but I take them like I take every other fashion slander shot at me. Anywho, these are some of my favorite looks and the styles that I am currently coveting the most.

These Bobbi Brown sunnies are in the most precious color and style that doesn't scream 1950s housewife.
Bobbi Brown, 149.00

I love the gold accents on the top of these classic shades
Dior, 310.00

You can do no wrong with a pair of classic, black cat eyes, but this shape is new and ingenuous

If I could have one thing right now, it would be these Prada sunnies! They are so wild and crazy in the front, and then rather normal on the side. Obsessed in every respect. They also come in red and turquoise.
Prada, 310.00

Speaking of 1950s housewife. Gold ala mode.
Tom Ford, 380.00

These come right below my beloved Prada sunnies. These just look like something that Wonder Woman would wear, and us girls can always go for a little strong femme touch.
Tory Burch, 195.00

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