Monday, July 28, 2014

Coming in Clutch

I don't know what it is about a clutch that makes me like it so much more than a regular bag. It might be the fact that since you are always holding it in your hands or clasping it in your under arm you grow a sort of biological connection to it, like there is an invisible umbilical cord attached to it (yes I did just reference a clutch to a child). I love clutches because they are like an extension of your out fit, almost like a ring or a bracelet. I always stay attached to mine, dance with it, take it into the bathroom with me. Well no matter where you take it or how you wear it, clutches are easy and simple ways to add a little oomf to an outfit. Plus those little devils hold a lot more than they let on.. So whether you choose a pouch or a minaudiere, I promise it will come in clutch.

Clare V., 220.00

This is a little pencil pouch I got for my birthday that I intend to carry as a little clutch.

A Lulu Guinness clutch never hurt nobody

I'm a huge fan of Olympia Le Tan or book cover clutches in general.
British Sea Men, 1746.00     Cotton Schoolbox Clutch, 1711.00

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