Monday, April 28, 2014

The Mod Squad

If there's one thing that I always try to be, it's experimental. I try to try everything at least once, even if that means looking like a complete idiot. One trend that I have only tried a couple of times, with miscellaneous gridded shirts or boxy shirts is the mod trend. I have been obsessed with this since Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs both mastered with their boxy, gridded, graphic colored pieces (not to mention the subdued beehives), so thank you Marc! Valentino had a mod-ish look in their Fall 2014 show, which I loved the shapes and colors! I love the take on shapes, color, and the attention to the no-figure shape, which is one reason I love the twenties for its drop waist style. But, instead of being a slinky, drop waist, the dresses are boxy shifts which are so cute and remind me of Audrey in Breakfast, and her later on in the decade. I also love other sixties icons like Twiggy (that's a given), Jane Birkin, and Edie Sedgwick. Not to mention the awesome pixie cuts, which I wish I could pull off, but I guess I'll have to stay with boxy shifts for now.

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