Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wish List: Part Two

Here we are again. Well, it's only my second wish list, but only because I've limited myself to one every couple of months. I can't help the fact that I am a compulsive shopaholic so this is an edited version of my hopes and dreams.. even if one item is an entire paycheck for me..

This bag from Building Block is so architecturally sound and I just want to swing this around my wrist. 

I'm not usually a big bracelet girl, but this one, with the little eyes is slightly creepy but in a handsome way.

Beads + Bamboo Handle = *sigh*

My favorite color culottes. I'll take them anytime.

Have I said I'm obsessed with symmetry? Well, it's kind of my favorite thing.

Snakeskin is major and the boho twist is totally working

These remind me a little bit of Sophia Websters newest shoes with butterflies and other bugs. Bugs can be chic, too.

Lions are so regal and feel so British that I want to surround myself with them. This is my take on Cara's rocking finger tattoo.

Okay, how cute is this?! This little ring would make me feel like Bridget Bardot in one of my favorite pictures

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