Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm Feeling: Ruffled Bell Sleeves

The picture of the man above may be a little deceiving and you might be wondering why a bald man from the colonial era is part of my inspiration. Well, it's neither the man nor his lopsided hat I'm interested in, but his ruffled sleeves. I had this image in my mind and could not find where I knew it from. It took me about 30 minutes to find this picture, and it is still not exactly what I was thinking of. When I think of ruffled, bell-sleeves, I imagine a man who has thrown off his heavy, obtrusive coat and gone down to his "unspeakables" to duel his enemy for the love of his maiden. Wrong era probably, but I think that this simple little sleeve adds such an element of surprise and ornamentation to an already fancy-ish look. I also think of them being dainty lace. I just had an epiphany! Mid-type I realized that the look I was thinking of is from the 1600s, the Baroque Era. Especially in films, like Pirates of the Caribbean, can you see these little sleeves poke out of grand ball gowns. Even thought the baroque era is known already for their obviously baroque dresses, I opt to take my inspiration from something that is a little less glamorous and well known, like these rocking bell sleeves!

All images via pinterest


  1. you're so cute! wow "mid-type", and i hope you're feeling better x

  2. Aww hahah! I couldn't help it! I literally looked for like 2 hours and I couldn't find a picture of what I was thinking of so I found that ratchet bald man and had to do something with it and then had an epiphany and found it! Hahaha love you!