Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Side Work

One of the coolest things a girl can wear is a killer coat. Not to mention the way it is worn is pretty important, too. Recently it seems as if 'the fashion troops' who take on the snowy, slushy streets of New York, London, Milan, or Paris, are not willing to put their arms through their coats. I have always worn my jackets like this, replicating my grandmommy, who nonchalantly rests them off her shoulders so that they won't get dirty or fall off her chair into the floor. Well I've started to recognize a new way girls are starting to wear their coats, off of one shoulder. I'm not sure if it is a fashion statement or if the camera caught them during a large gust of wind, but I think I like it! It says "It may be 15 degrees, but I have a major outfit on, and I want you to see all of it," well maybe just one side. This look is taking a jab at Mother Nature telling her to move on and out so that we can start wearing the new, chic trends for spring!

I love how Susie Bubble is working her colorful Shrimps fur on one shoulder, and her Reece Hudson backpack on the other.
Noon by Noor Fall 2014

1. Susie Lau via Diego Zuko // 2. via style.com

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