Monday, March 24, 2014

Made to Order

After watching the Fall 2014/2015 Chanel show, food has been hot on my mind. I find myself going to the grocery store and hoping that when I walk in the shelves will be fully stocked with Laite de Coco and Chanel meatpacking, but every time I end up being disappointed. Karl wasn't the only person who had food on his mind. Jeremy Scott for Moschino had models walking out with trays and bags adorned in the golden arches of McDonald's transformed to look like the label's own fast food logo. Scott also sent ball gowns with cheeze-its down the runway for his debut show at the fashion house. Who knew that food could be so fashionable? As I'm typing this now I find that my hunger is increasingly growing, so until next time my fellow fashionites.. Join me for a late night snack (and wishing it was designer).


1. I would love to shop with this basket... especially like Stella Tennant.. 2. This could definitely give you your daily dose of calcium. 3. Protein for fashionites  4. Self confidence at its finest 5. "Welcome to Moschino, would you like to try a number 2?" // All images via

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