Friday, March 14, 2014

Game Changer

Is it reasonable to say that man's version of fashion month is March Madness? Paying homage to this, I will be taking a look at the literal "sportswear" trend. The first football jersey dress, which happened to be sequined, was created by Geoffrey Beene in 1967. You can see a spread in Harper's Bazaar from the same year that shows the gowns. This is where Tom Ford got his inspiration for some of the sequined mini dresses in his Fall 2014 collection. Another designer joining him on this trend was Jeremy Scott, who turned to a furrier version in multiple colors. Before these two designers, Tommy Hilfiger took a whack at basketball looking jerseys rather than football for Spring 2014. Although they are great looks on the runway, I love the way that girls on the street take this and turn it into their own. Whether it be an old hand-me-down from their brother or a football jersey adorning "Celine," you can accomplish this look in almost anyway. My favorite way so far is with a jersey dress and a pair of sexy, strappy sandals. This mix of feminism with the roughness of the sportswear is effortlessly sexy. There is a lot of wiggle room with this trend, so you can achieve it through jerseys, sneakers, letter jackets, or sports caps (just no helmets please, imagine the helmet hair). Speaking of letter jackets, I just got my varsity letter for basketball yesterday, and I am constantly thinking of how I can translate it into my style and make it my own. There boys, are you happy? Fashion and sports can go together.

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