Sunday, May 25, 2014

Inspiration: Blue Eye

When I was little, my grandparent's next door neighbors had a horse that we called Blue Eye. I feel like that's a very generic horse name, but it was totally representative of his electric blue eyes. Since I was blessed (or cursed, whatever you want to say) with hazel eyes that turn color about every hour, I have to find other ways to achieve this blue hue. This Miles Aldridge image is a thing of beauty to me. The model (looking to see who it is) looks like a modern day Verushka, especially with those wide eyes. How pretty is the blue under eye-liner? I love it! I wish that I had the confidence to wear bold make up like this. Well, it's not really that I don't have the confidence, because I don't give two craps about what the kids at my school thing, it's mainly that I don't want to start a new beauty look with no skill, because trust me, there is no beauty skill here. This summer I am going to try and learn some new techniques (I love watching beauty videos on youtube from Teen Vogue to Charlotte Tilbury).

 Here is a good example of changing the harsh, very literal take from Moschino Cheap and Chic and changing it into an everyday look.


  1. :-) your writer's block disappeared just like my phone

  2. Hahahahahaha just like your phone.. oh man I'm sorry and I love you