Saturday, April 19, 2014

El Bordado

My personal style never seems to stop amazing me. What I really mean is that I am amazed at how often I juxtapose myself. One week I will look at a dress and say "wow that is hideous," and then the week after I am blogging about it! Take for example the style for this post. I have usually not been one for Mexican looking clothing, but after I was going through my old clothes from when I was little, I found a dress that my mom's babysitter brought her back from Mexico in the early 70s. All of the sudden I had this sudden rush of excitement come over me and I wanted to look up and buy every piece of embroidered clothing on the market. As I turned to my trusted Pinterest (follow my board here) I started to see it everywhere! The next day at school my friend Katey had on an embroidered tunic from Forever21 (similar versions here). I then started to look at eastern European looking blouses and tunics. These articles of clothing have a boho-chic vibe, which I usually am not a fan of (what did I tell you.. bipolar style). I don't know if it was because of Coachella that I was turned onto the style of the little dress that I found from not only my childhood but from my mother's. Alberta Ferretti's Spring 2014 show had major embroidery and now I realize that I loved the style even before I realized it. I will be looking for cheaper versions of the style from my trusted Madewell, JCrew, and Forever21. Take a look at some of my favorite street style and other pics.


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