Saturday, February 15, 2014

Emilia Wickstead A/W 2014

I don't care what anyone says, the Brits do everything the best. British style is definitely my favorite, and today, on the second day of London Fashion Week, I am a proud anglophile. Our neighbors across the pond are having their jab at fashion week, and I am applauding their every move. When I checked this morning for the newest shows, I was screaming when I saw one of my favorite designers, Emilia Wickstead, had just shown her show. As always, she showed her signature voluminous skirt in one color, as well as suits in the same color. Some of my favorite looks were the snakeskin coat and the leather over coat. I just love how she can manipulate such simple ideas but make them special in the details. Take a peak at some of my favorite looks.
I am absolutely obsessed with gloves and socks with heels, and this is an ideal take on two of my favorite trends.

The print of this coat is gorgeous and the neckline is so chic.

That coat! And that skirt!

There it is again, and I love the color of that jumpsuit.

This is the type of dress I would wear on the red carpet.

This coat is MAJOR! *sigh*

Absolutely obsessed with this look. The emerald color of the gloves translates perfectly against the snakeskin print.

A leather undershirt? Brilliant.

I could live in this. A mohair jacket, chic white dress (perfect length), and metallic heels. Heaven.

All white everything.. except the shoes. I want a white stole!

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