Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wish List

Okay I know that the 10th Commandment says "don't covet your neighbor's house" meaning envy and jealousy is a sin. If that means me wanting every piece of clothing that I see in street style photos is a sin, well then I better prepare myself to burn. Harsh I know, but how am I supposed to see something beautiful and not want it? In my eyes, it only pushes me harder and harder so that one day I will be able to afford clothes that are as much as my house payment. There's nothing better than getting a paycheck and going to spend it on something you've had your eye on for months (granted most of the things I want would take multiple paychecks...). Below is a list of things I'm wanting now, not all of them though, because we would be here all day. By the looks of things, I guess you could say I've changed my mind from yesterday, and now I'm feeling florals and pastels. As far as I know, bipolar style is not a mental disorder.. yet.

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