Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Plain and simple, no pun, only socks. I am having such an obsession with these little critters and I can't contain it. I've already done a post on socks with heels, but since I don't particularly wear heels everyday (or hardly ever) I had to find another way to alleviate the obsession. I want to wear socks with my flats, with my oxfords, with everything. I am particularly leaning towards ankle high woolen socks right now. With a pair of gold brogues I have, I would take the ankle socks and push them down towards the shoe so that they have a messy, effortless look. Another thing I am loving sock-wise is a good contrast sock. For example, in "Funny Face," Audrey wears her iconic full black outfit, except for stark white socks to throw off the whole thing. It was brilliant. Edith Head seemed to be a genius in the sock department. In "White Christmas," another one of my favorite movies, Edith would have the dancers in monochromatic looks: clothes, shoes, socks. This was done so that the dancing wouldn't be broken up by the flash of a bright sock. This is the thing I love about fashion and clothes: one simple touch, whether it be a simple pair of socks or a necklace, can take an outfit to a whole other place. Clothes, therefore, aren't just for looks, but are symbolic, and I will be forever amazed by their abilities.


image 1,4,5,6,7 via the sartorialist // 2 via pinterest // 3 via garance dore


  1. I love the first photo


  2. amazing photos, love the outfits!